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Monday June 25
8:30Room 185TripathiUCDIntroduction/Welcome
8:45Room 185NormanBerkeleyOverview of the NSSC Program
9:30Room 185AnzelonLLNLNuclear Non-Proliferation from a Policy Perspective-I
10:15 Coffee Break
10:30Room 185CebraUCDBasic Nuclear Physics - nuclear gamma decay
11:15Room 185BernsteinLLNLNuclear Science and Security: Interconnections
12:00Segundo Dining Lunch
13:30Counting LabMock/GrandUCDIntro to NAA and Sample PrepA/B
13:30MNRCMock/GrantUCDDepart for MNRC tour and Intro to Ge countingC/D
16:30 Leave for Davis
Tuesday June 26
8:30Room 185SvobodaUCDBasic Nuclear Physics - nuclear alpha & beta decay
9:30Room 185AnzelonLLNLNuclear Non-Proliferation from a Policy Perspective-II
10:30 Coffee Break
10:45Room 185Di CapuaNNSAGamma and Neutron Radiation Detectors-I
11:45Room 185Speakers Discussion
12:15Segundo Dining Lunch
13:30Counting LabMock/GrandUCDIntro to NAA and Sample PrepC/D
13:30MNRCMock/GrantUCDDepart for MNRC tour and Intro to Ge countingA/B
19:00Memorial UnionCebra Bowling Night
Wednesday June 27
8:30Room 185Di CapuaUCDGamma and Neutron Radiation Detectors-II
9:300Room 185SvobodaUCDScintillation and Solid State Detectors
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00LectureKulpSandiaBasics of Remote Sensing
11:45Room 185Speakers Discussion
12:15Segundo Dining Lunch
13:00 Groups A/B depart from MNRC
13:30MNRCMock/GrantUCDCalibrate Ge DetectorsA
13:30MNRCMock/GrantUCDExpose SampleB
15:00MNRCMock/GrantUCDCalibrate Ge DetectorsB
15:00MNRCMock/GrantUCDExpose SampleA
13:30UCDOttUCDNaI LabC
13:30UCDFelde/DhoogheUCDMuon Veto LabD
15:00UCDOttUCDNaI LabD
15:00UCDFelde/DhoogheUCDMuon Veto LabC
19:00Central Park Farmer's Market Dinner
Thursday June 28
8:30MNRCMock/Grant Leave for MNRCA/B
9:00MNRCLiuUCDReactor Neutronics and ModelingA/B
10:30MNRCMock/GrantUCDCount Samples - Data AnalysisA
12:00MNRC Lunch
13:30MNRCMock/GrantUCDCount Samples - Data AnalysisB
16:30 Mock/GrantUCDLeave for DavisA/B
8:30 WalshUCDLeave for Livermore/SandiaC/D
10:00LivermoreVariousLLNLTour of LLNLC/D
13:30LivermoreVariousSandiaTour of SandiaC/D
16:00 WalshUCDLeave for DavisC/D
Friday June 29
8:30 Mock/GrantUCDLeave for MNRCC/D
9:00MNRCMock/GrantUCDCalibrate Ge detectorsC
9:00MNRCMock/GrantUCDExpose SampleD
10:30MNRCMock/GrantUCDCalibrate Ge detectorsD
10:30MNRCMock/GrantUCDExpose SampleC
9:00UCDFelde/DhoogheUCDPMT LabB
10:30UCDOttUCDNaI LabB
10:30UCDFelde/DhoogheUCDPMT LabA
12:00Segundo Dining Lunch
13:30Room 185SvobodaUCDPhysics of Nuclear Reactors
14:30Room 185BurksLLNLGamma Ray Imaging
15:30Room 185 Coffee Break
16:00Room 185MarleauSandiaNeutron Detection and Imaging
17:00Room 185KazkazLLNLNoble Gas and Liquid Detectors
18:00Putah Creek Lodge Social hour - BBQ
Saturday June 30
9:00Room 185BernsteinLLNLNuclear Safeguards - Technical Overview
10:00Room 185StreckerSandiaLaser based techniques for Nuclear Forensics
11:00Room 185BrubakerSandiaApplications of Neutron Imaging
12:00Segundo Dining Lunch
13:00Muon LabFelde/DhoogeeUCDMuon Veto LabA
13:00PMT LabFelde/DhoogeeUCDPMT LabC
13:00Rm 185 UCDBethe-Bloch calculationB/D
15:00Muon LabFelde/DhoogeeUCDMuon Veto LabB
15:00PMT LabFelde/DhoogeeUCDPMT LabD
15:00Rm 185 UCDBethe-Bloch calculationA/C
Sunday July 1, Holiday
Monday July 2
8:30MNRCMock/Grant Leave for MNRCC/D
9:00MNRCLiuUCDReactor Neutronics and ModelingC/D
10:30MNRCMock/GrantUCDCount Samples - Data AnalysisC
12:00MNRC Lunch
13:30MNRCMock/GrantUCDCount Samples - Data AnalysisD
16:30 Mock/GrantUCDLeave for DavisC/D
8:30 WalshUCDLeave for Livermore/SandiaA/B
10:00LivermoreVariousLLNLTour of LLNLA/B
13:30LivermoreVariousSandiaTour of SandiaA/B
16:00 WalshUCDLeave for DavisA/B
Tuesday July 3
8:30Room 185CastanedaUCDProton Cyclotrons
9:20Room 185McDadeUCDNuclear Applications: Air Quality Monitoring
10:10 Coffee Break
10:30Room 185BushbergUCDHealth Physics in the Nuclear Sciences
11:30Room 185Speakers Discussion
12:00Segundo Dining Lunch
13:30CrockerCastanedaUCDCrocker Tour & Bragg Peak experiment
Wednesday July 4, Independence Day
19:00Community Park BBQ and Fireworks Display
Thursday July 5
8:30Room 185CherryUCDAdvanced in In Vivo Nuclear Imaging Technologies
10:00 Coffee Break
10:15Room 185Lagunas-SolarUCDRadioisotopes in Medicine and Industry
11:00Room 185CzerwinskiUNLVActinide Science and Radiochemistry
11:45Room 185Speakers Discussion
12:15Segundo Dining Lunch
13:30 Open
Friday July 6
8:30Room 185BergevinUCDNuclear Science and Double Beta Decay Experiments
9:30Room 185SzydagisUCDNuclear Science and Dark Matter Experiments
10:30 Coffee Break
10:45Room 185BowdenLLNLNuclear Science and Reactor Neutrino Oscillations
11:45Room 185SvobodaUCDClosing Remarks

Chancellor Emil Mrak and Professor John Jungerman at the beta ray spectrometer (1961)