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Things are always going on at the LUX experiment and behind the scenes. Scientists and engineers are working to put everything together in South Dakota so that the monster of a detector can get up and running. Here is where you can find updates about just what is going on.

Fountain of LUX!

Posted on October 30th, 2012

This week LUX is filling up its surrounding water tank. The water tank is used to protect the detector from stray neutrons and small gamma radiation that the underground lab cannot protect from. This is a big step for the detector as the water tank is on of the final steps in setting up the experiment. Also, surrounding a sensitive detector in very pure water is a delicate matter so keep your fingers crossed! Read more about the water tank in the Deep Thoughts linked below.

'Fountain of LUX' flowing

LUX is in the water tank

Posted on August 20th, 2012

This week the LUX detector has succesfully been placed into a protective water tank that tries to keep out muons and other things that could shadow the search for dark matter. Even though this means one less step to go before actual searching for the detector, UCDavis team member Jeremy Mock makes it clear that no one is in a hurry because it is better to get everything settled and done right before taking data. Read the whole article below.

LUX hooked up in tank

LUX On National Public Radio

Posted on on August 1st, 2012

Like NPR? A show called "All Things Considered" did a story about the newly underground LUX detector and our wonderful search for Dark Matter. The show gives an interesting perspective about the competative aspect to the Dark Matter search. You can listen to the coverage and read the whole article if you follow the link below.

NPR Dark Matter article

It's All About Science Festival

Posted on July 27th, 2012

Tomorrow in Sioux Falls, S.D marks the first annual It's All About Science festival. To hit it off right from the start, two members from the LUX Team at Yale will be talking to attendees via high def video chat from the underground Sanford Lab. But there are also about 40 more exhibits! To read more, check out the PDF below.

All About Science Festival
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Take a look!

Random foliage

With the recent events involving putting the LUX detector underground at the Sanford Lab, the country and the world is buzzing with talk about Dark Matter. Take a look at these articles about the LUX detector to get more information.

Wall Street Journal on Physicists Looking for Answers

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